Most charming hotels in Europe


The fascinating travel story behind this site was founded by travel enthusiasts. Every employee of loves to travel. Ever since childhood they traveled through Europe. Every opportunity is addressed to pack their suitcases a go to travel, that may be a week or a weekend. With partner, friends or girlfriends, or sometimes alone.

Employees of always looking for special places in Europe. Whether this are famous cities and regions or particular regions, where not so many tourists will come. Which destination it is, is always looking for nice small, charming hotels where you really feel you are on holidays. Not overly crowded with other Dutch, German or English tourists in a massive resorts, but special accommodations, where you feel special, where you can really taste the local color and where you personally approached by the owner of the hotel.

The accommodation can be anything, a boutique hotel, a bed & breakfast, a castle, or even a chain, as the personal small and charming aspect is present. On you can find of each presented destination the top 10 of the most charming hotels of that destination. Many of these hotels are visited by the team behind is always open to suggestions for new destinations and accommodation. If there are destinations which you would like to visit is more than happy to investigate and come with some great alternatives for you. Or do you know a beautiful little and charming hotel that absolutely deserves a place in the top 10 of, please let us know!